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The genesis of Creativity - digital ART -


I love to take
visually strong
and real,

"Creativity Semiosis" is a project that explores the semiotics of creativity through the use of digital art. At the heart of this project is the idea that there are certain primordial elements that have yet to be fully integrated into ideas and design. These elements are waiting for the creative process to give them form and meaning through the use of language.

The creative process is a complex one, and it is through the use of semiotics and the study of language that we can begin to understand its mechanisms and how it works. By examining the relationship between the sign and the significate, we can gain insight into the genesis of ideas and the way in which they are communicated and understood.

Through the use of digital art, "Creativity Semiosis" seeks to bring these primordial elements to life, using the medium to give them form and expression.

Overall, "Creativity Semiosis" is a project that seeks to delve into the depths of the creative process, using digital art as a means of expression and exploration. By examining the semiotics of creativity and the role of language in the creative process, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the forces that shape and drive the creative mind.

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