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Mar 3, 2023

The chameleon

If I wanted a superpower, I would choose the chameleon's, not super strength, flying, or turning into a green monster. I'd like to adapt to any surface, in any context, until I become invisible. But it's not really about invisibility. Invisibility is just a side effect of adaptation, but the real power is understanding every single detail of the surface and replicating it so faithfully that you blend in with the context. Now that would be a hilarious superpower. Being there, within reach of predators, but not being seen. I wonder how many laughs I'll get. Instead, I have to go to meetings, participate in online meetings, make myself seen, be present and active, go to dinner with friends, have fun dancing, and be flashy enough to be evident and obvious to everyone, in fact, so obvious that I stand out compared to others, standing out, even in the banality of "all the same." How fun would it be to be there, but invisible. To be there, but not really be there.

Photo by Karl Anderson on Unsplash

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