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Feb 15, 2023

The tightrope walker

Walking in balance on the tightrope is nothing more than living everyday life. 

I was inspired by a young mother I met a few months ago. She told me about her life and I saw, felt her strength and her determination. She told me about her job, but she also has to look after her own children, take them to school, to the doctor, give love and attention to those around her, find time for others, for her husband, for friends, for family and also for herself, to experience the joys, the satisfactions, but also the illness, the hardships and overcome the tragedies that life inevitably asks us to face. All of this is balancing act that perhaps only those who are mothers can fully understand.

This work is dedicated to all young mothers, the true heroes of our time.

Foto by Loic Leray on Unsplash

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